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Baton Rouge Police Executed

Roger Paul

Baton Rouge Police Executed

​I've been silent since Sunday morning. And now, I find myself out of the country, so wishing I were back home with family and friends during this painful time. When heartless killers and unspeakable acts of terror take place so close to home, we can't help but contemplate our social structures' next moves.

I keep trying to think about what to say. I've been carefully looking for the right words. But, there aren't really any combination of phrases that can come near what is needed to adequately address the seriousness of what we are facing as a country and as a civilized culture. There are no perfect expressions to convey the emotions many of us are feeling, or terms to express our angst. What seems to be creeping into our collective existence is more than just a little disconcerting, and If we allow it, the downward death spiral of a once great people will become unrecoverable.

Maybe for now, there should just be no words. Maybe for the time being, we must quietly reflect on priorities and gently reach out to those who see as clearly as many of have for some time now. Many of us who have the wherewithal need to start calmly, but firmly, resisting the false narratives and divisive intentions of agenda driven media elites and dishonorable political leaders. We must resolve to strengthen our righteous position, prepare for the worse in humanity, but keep chipping away at the coldness that has been infecting the minds of the low information and maliciously misguided members of our society.

Yes, even though I am in one of the most beautiful places on our planet right now, I'm homesick. I wish I were standing with family and friends in the Baton Rouge area quietly memorializing those we've lost, and together, pledging to honor daily those who continue to serve us under the most difficult circumstances that I've witnessed in my lifetime.

I'll quietly reflect and gently reach out for now. But, it's getting increasing difficult to stay silent. It's getting harder to not speak out. I feel more and more that I'm failing by allowing the massive misdirection of truthfulness and reality without some clear action on my part. I sense a burning need to try to help bring about an overdue understanding between the masses of people who have been victims of perhaps the greatest negative psychological conditioning of a population since the days of tribal witch doctors.

No hate on this page. Just join me in gently reaching out to all and work toward fostering a true understanding of what is really happening and why. If we stand firmly together on the large things we agree on, nothing or no one can come between us. The small things we disagree on will work themselves out almost imperceptibly.

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