Roger Paul

You bet I wear Cajun Reeboks!!!  Whether I'm reading the "Cajun Night Before Christmas" for the little ones or working out in a wet and muddy yard, my Cajun Reeboks get plenty of wear and tear.  Great to put by the door for quick trips to haul out the trash, walk the dog, pick up the paper, help the bride bring in groceries, etc.  You can be proud to know your good shoes won't get messed up and that always makes mamas smile :-)

I think I need an extra pair for the back door.  Order extra pairs for a better price!!!

Cajun Reeboks (shrimp boots)
Boot Size

Increase your Cajun street credibility with "wearables" every Cajun wants and needs.  You can't go wrong when your dress right for life the way we do down in bayou country.

Shipping is FREE for items featured on this page and they get delivered in less than a week !!!

Cajun "Wearables"

Cajun Reeboks (shrimp boots) available in men's sizes 5 to 13

•  Men's mid boot

•  Features plain toe and extended ribbed steel shank

•  Removable and washable ergonomic insoles

•  Beige anti-skid outsole and heel for added traction

•  Available in white only and men's sizes 5 to 13

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