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Oven & BBQ Gloves

Here you'll find the main reasons I'm so loved. And you thought it was my good looks? No, it's these favorite kitchen toys that help me create the magical flavors that everyone just adores ;-)

Garlic Roaster

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The Easy Cajun's Kitchen Toys

•  Terra cotta lid with a garlic shaped handle

•  Perfect size (4 inch base) to roast one head of garlic

•  Garlic baker perfectly roasts your garlic to add savory taste

•  Lid includes stem vent

•  Oven and microwave safe

• Terra cotta lid with a garlic shaped handle

• 7 inch base for multiple garlic bulbs

•  Glazed base for shorter baking time and easy cleaning

•  This is the model used in The Easy Cajun video

•  Oven and microwave safe

Garlic Roaster - Small
Garlic Roaster - Large

Oven & BBQ Gloves

•  Includes Two Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves For Temperatures Up To 446F (230°C)

•  The Grill Gloves have a Raised Texture. They are Flexible, Light, Durable and Easy to Clean

•  A No-Slip Five Finger Design With a Strong Grip that Allows Safe Movement Of Hot Pans, Food and Racks


•  100 % Waterproof Premium Grade FDA Approved Silicone - Hot Liquids Can't Reach Your Skin - Grab Food in boiling water

•  These BBQ Gloves are Easy To Clean and Dishwasher Safe

These have been some of the best things I've ever done for myself.  Whether I'm grilling outside or cooking inside, these are the bomb!! You can safely pick up hot food, hot pots, or hot plates.  Perfect for turning meats or ears of corn on the grill.  And no more dealing with dirty old pot holders, because these wash right up in the sink or dishwasher ;-)

Roger Paul

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