Hello my friends, I'm "The Easy Cajun"  :-)

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ca va? I'm Roger Paul, and I'm "The Easy Cajun" you've been hearing all about. I want to help bring you some of the smiles that the Cajun way of living has created for us down in South Louisiana. I'm available for personal appearances at your special event. Just go to the "CONTACT" page for further information. It's not just about Cajun recipes. It's about the joy of life or "joie de vivre" as we say in French. Please visit here at CajunEasy.com regularly and tell all your friends about The Easy Cajun Fun Food & Flying website!

I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a little more about The Easy Cajun.  My parent's were both born in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana (Hessemer and Fith Ward).  They grew up in a pure bleed Cajun environment and worked in the fields that their parents farmed as sharecroppers.  There was time for school when not picking cotton or digging sweet potatoes, but there was also time for hunting, fishing, and turning out family meals in the old Cajun traditions, both in the kitchen and outside with nature.

(to be continued)

Frequently asked questions:

Q:     Are you a real chef?

A:     Well, I guess that depends on how you define "chef" . . . I don't work in a restaurant.  I have been all in with my career as a professional corporate pilot.  I am an accomplished home chef who has been trained by everyone from my dear Mom to my Uncle Jimmy Smith, who was a professional chef at Brennen's and the Head Chef at Mr. B's Bistro in New Orleans.  I've learned much from spending time with my friend Chef Brad Tucker, who is also a professionally trained chef.  I've been cooking indoors and out since I was a teenager and have watched more cooking shows than I care to admit.  I grew up watching Justin Wilson and started cooking by trying to imitate his recipes.  I've read so much about cooking, experimented in the kitchen endlessly, and burned enough food early on to rival even the most experienced chefs.  My wife thinks I'm a very good cook, but complains a little about my obsession with kitchen gadgets.  I wouldn't compete on today's modern cooking shows because I hate being hurried and so I wouldn't do well with a time limit.  I like cooking to be fun, casual, and "Cajun Easy" . . . and I love sharing with others.  So . . . you have to decide if I'm a real chef.

Q:     Easy Cajun, why don't you use professional equipment, nicer cookware, and/or the Cajuns' favorite, cast iron pots, in some your of YouTube cooking videos?

A:     Fair question my friends.  I have a lot of that stuff around the house.  Just ask my beautimous bride how much space all those things take up in our storage areas.  She'd love for me to do "thinning out" sometime.  I have quite a collection of really nice stuff including heavy cast iron pots and pans that I use outside on gas burners all the time.  But many folks who want to learn to cook Cajun Easy do not always have that type of equipment available.  I want to keep the videos looking like they could have taken place in anyone's home kitchen.  The worse thing we can do is make folks feel like they can't make great meals without having high dollar equipment.  That is just not true and is not in keeping with my philosophy of keeping it "Cajun Easy" . . . but if you do have better equipment, chances are you have already made progress in knowing how to making use of those outstanding implements. My videos may just be a review for you or perhaps present a different idea on how to accomplish things that you are already good at.  

(to be continued)

The Easy Cajun

Meet "The Easy Cajun" ;-)

Roger Paul

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