Roger Paul

Watermelon Ice Cream

The Easy Cajun's favorite home made ice cream :-)

1/2 of a small to medium size watermelon cut into little pieces (about 4 quarts) 

1 quart heavy cream

2 cups sugar

8 egg yolks

6 to 8 ounces  semi-sweet chocolate chips

This recipe calls for only half an average size watermelon.  So, if you purchased a whole one, split it in half lengthwise and reserve the half you will not use in this recipe for later. 

Using a spoon, remove the fruit from the halved watermelon.  Using your hands and a knife, remove all the seeds from the pieces.  Make the watermelon pieces no more than 2 inches and place them in a large bowl.  Use a hand held blender to puree the watermelon pieces completely, then pour it through a strainer to remove any missed seeds or watermelon pieces that were not completely pureed.  I like to put this strained juice in the fridge at this point.

In a large saucepan, over medium heat, combine the heavy cream and the sugar.  Bring this mixture up to a simmer while stirring to get all the sugar dissolved.  Wisk the egg yolks until they are smooth and then slowly pour them into the hot cream mixture while whisking it vigorously.  Cook this for four more minutes or so while continuing to whisk steadily.  Remove cream/sugar/egg mixture from the heat, pour it into the strained watermelon puree, and allow this combination to cool completely after stirring. 

Add the now cooled down mixture, along with the chocolate chips, to your ice cream machine (at least a 4 quart model is needed here) and follow the machine's directions.  When finished, you can serve immediately, or you can place the ice cream into the empty half of watermelon.  Cover it with plastic wrap and then freeze until very firm.  Slice the "watermelon" into one inch slices for a very impressive dessert presentation.

You will not believe how wonderful this is!

"Caution: Your waistline may be in trouble if you go crazy over this!"

The Easy Cajun

Watermelon Ice Cream

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