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Cajun Easy® Sloppy Roast Beef

No Boudreaux, you don't have to go to New Orleans :-)

This recipe I created because I wanted to replicate my Aunt’s delicious hot roast beef po-boys.  She sometimes served that when we visited and it was by far my favorite of her cooking.  The New Orleans French Quarter sloppy roast beef po-boys had nothing on my Auntie Mae’s version!  Now everybody wants my super simple recipe.

This is not only so very delicious, it’s definitely Cajun Easy.  It will fit in so well on so many different occasions, that you’ll think it’s the chameleon of my crock pot cooking recipes.  So take it “Cajun Easy” and gather your ingredients for a meal in the near future that will win you much praise from your guests ;-)

Ingredients –

     2 lbs. of sliced roast beef from your deli, or slice some that you’ve cooked

     2 cans of French onion soup

     1 package of beef stew seasoning

That’s it.  That’s all you need to make a big hit with friends and family.  Sure . . . you can kick it up some more with these optional additions:

     a sprinkle of Cajun Easy® seasoning (optional)

     sautéed Cajun Holy Trinity (optional) (watch the video)

     chopped green onions (optional)

     chopped parsley (optional)

I like to get the lean sliced roast beef from the deli . . . not too thin, not too thick.  If you cook your own roast, slice it up or break it up.  First, put the French onion soup and beef stew seasoning (along with the optional Cajun Easy seasoning and Holy Trinity) in the slow cooker and make sure it is all stirred up well.   Add the sliced roast beef, one slice at a time, to the pot in a random fashion so that each piece is able to soak up some of the liquid.  Cook on low for about 6 to 8 hours with a stir every couple of hours if you can be there, but that's not really necessary. 

Put this on early in the morning before work or church, and by lunch time (or dinner time) you'll be inhaling that scrumptious smell of hot roast beef heaven.  I always wait to put the optional green onions and parsley during the final hour or so of cooking. 

Talk about good !!!  Put this on French bread that’s been dressed with Blue Plate Mayo, lettuce, tomato, and whatever else your palette desires and you will be so happy you pulled the crock pot out of storage!  

And this winning taste is really good on rice too . . . but I know . . . you already thought about that :-)

I told you it was “Cajun Easy” . . .

The Easy Cajun

Sloppy Roast Beef