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Mother's Day is for Everyone :-)

Bonjour mes ames! Happy Mother's Day to all of you within digital hearing range, i.e. everywhere on the third rock. I hope you are able to spend this beautiful Sunday with family and friends to celebrate the day set aside to honor some especially important people in our world. Mothers are by far the greatest influence on humankind with respect to teaching love, kindness, and compassion for all living things.

If you are as fortunate as I am at 57 years old to still have your Mother gracing the earth, I truly hope you get to spend some quality time with her today. If, like me today, you can't be with her in person, we are now, more than ever before, capable of communicating with her no matter the physical distance separating us. Be sure to make that phone call, or better yet, get your kid to show you how to FaceTime with Mom if the devices are available.

However you do it, don't miss the opportunity to let her know how much she is so very appreciated now that we may be catching up for all those years she was perhaps a bit under appreciated. Don't miss this day to thank her for giving us life, and for not taking it away from us when we were sometimes giving her many good reasons to perhaps consider all possible options :-)

If your dear Mother is no longer with us on Earth, I sincerely hope your day is filled with people, like you, who knew her, loved her, and honored her when she was here. Those people will help remind you just how much her spirit lives on in everyone she touched with the love, kindness, and compassion I mentioned before. Family and friends bring back the laughter along with the stories that have your Mom as the central character. There may even be a tear or two, but don't forget that those tears are filled with the magic DNA that very special lady passed down to you. Those tears carry much of her heart. That is your most prized asset. That is your most valuable possession.

If you are a Mother basking in the physical and/or digital presence of some or all of your children today, you have earned every smile, every gift, and every act of appreciation on your behalf presented on this beautiful Sunday.  I know how humble you are, and I know you don't want or need anything, but today, please let us do what we can and what we know how to do in order to try to convey our unending gratitude for everything you've done for us. Today, allow us the opportunity to attempt to show you just how preciously priceless you are to us. We can never repay you for everything we owe you, but today, please let us try to show you we have not forgotten the innumerable sacrifices you made for us over the entirety of our lives.

It's sometimes a little difficult for us to say or do things to communicate to you just how much you mean to us. Today is labeled Mother's Day to make it a little easier to show you how grateful we are and a little harder for you to resist our efforts :-)

Now go out and spread the love mes amis!  Have a great day no matter how you get to SHARE it with others.

And don't stop today until you hug another Mother!!!


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Mother's Day is for Everyone