It's Christmastime in Germany !!!

Even though you’ve experienced it before, there is always such a special aura that will envelope you while walking through a German “platz” filled with vendors selling their Christmastime wares.  The din of happy families and street musicians intertwined with the scents of locally prepared festival food adjusts your attitude to an almost artificially utopian level.  Moving from the savory aroma of sizzling sausages to the sweet smells of hand crafted chocolates is an action that pushes you near the red line of one's pleasure sensory overload gauge.  The rush of endorphins created by this total immersion into blissful celebration is unlike anything anyone anywhere can experience anytime else . . . except maybe at one of our many fun, food, and family festivals back home in good old South Louisiana.

My point is . . . people are the same all over the world.  Everywhere I travel and everyone I meet show the same love of family and friends and celebration.  Every time I stumble upon local citizens gathering to share the bounty of a good life . . . I see so much in common with what we in the USA are all extremely comfortable with and what we all truly cherish.  The smiles and camaraderie, the toasts and cheers, the laughter and handshakes come across the exact same way in every language throughout the known universe.  If only for a few fleeting moments, these celebrations honoring age old traditions serve to give civilized human beings a warmer feeling with respect to what the future of human relationships can evolve into if we all work steadily at it.

Don’t be afraid tomorrow . . . or for the rest of the year.  Step out of your comfort zone, color outside of your lines, and reach for the hand of a stranger.  Watch their eyes light up at your touch and feel the magic of unspoken communication.  Witness the mutual desire to appreciate each other and savor a moment you’ve thought about often, but have not yet garnered the courage to reward yourself with.

It’s Christmastime around the world. Giving a smile is so easy . . . so don’t miss out on your chance this year.

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It's Christmastime in Germany !!!

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