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A Young Life was Taken Away

A beautiful young life was taken away.

There is much loss for words, a struggle to say

"What happened here? Why are we in this place?"

We push to look back for some sign, some trace.

The seconds are loud. And the minutes are long.

Our minds race around, something is so wrong.

We plead, we beg, and we are filled with the pain.

We can't even imagine not seeing them again.

There are periods that bring a real need to curse!

Our bodies are aching and our hearts set to burst.

We want an understanding and we need be consoled.

We cry out for reason, and we yearn to be told.

Why do these things happen, this awful event?

When can we find an answer to be sent?

But maybe for now, we should just try to pause

And put away anger, quit looking for cause.

Let's hold hands and try to catch our breath.

Let's focus on love and life, and not just on death.

Let's look at the children and try to set a tone

For their struggle of living and a life of their own.

The flame may be extinguished, but the candle still stands.

It just need to be held tightly in all caring hands.

The fuel for living remains rigid and firm.

We just need to treasure it and keep it long term.

That fuel are those special moments and the love that was shared.

The compassion and kindness and the signs that they cared

About all that was good. And that everyone who came

Within their reach, they were all treated the same.

There was much love and time for many a friend.

There was never a shortage of smiles they'd send.

Never was there a lack of heart and/or spirit.

If you wanted to talk, they were ready to hear it.

Those samples of caring and unbridled sharing

Are some elements that candle is bearing.

It will stand forever as a symbol of hope

That the children will heal and learn how to cope.

Tragedy is a beginning, as well as an end.

It's time to start mourning and to honor a friend.

Now's the time to lean over and help a family embrace

All the good memories and our role in this space.

Hold up that firm candle forever with pride.

The love and the memories, we will never hide.

Unlit, yet shimmering with glitter and gold,

It must remain seen by all who are told

Of that person so special to you and to me,

And that beautiful spirit they came to be.

It's now time to free them and just unchain the weight.

Gone is the burden they dragged to their fate.

Our sorry is real, our pain is intense.

We should never expect it to make any sense.

But we must now just gather with others, no fear

And gently reach out to help wipe a tear.

RPV aka The Easy Cajun

A Young Life was Taken Away