Cajuns Know About Freedom

(Posted on Facebook 7-11-2014)

I am really sad right now.

I remember the stories my parents and others would tell about being punished when growing up for speaking French to each other at school. They were only allowed to read approved books that were written in English and only allowed to speak English. And I remember learning in school about how slaves were prevented from being educated to read or write at all. And I clearly remember how my dear old Cajun grandmother quietly explained to me how very wrong those kind of actions were, and why I should be very suspicious anytime that anyone tried to prevent me or my brothers from reading about or learning about anything and everything.

I remember how my wonderful old pastor would readily answer any questions us kids had about any subject and especially about any and all different religious beliefs. He would even go so far as to take us to visit other churches and sometimes even attend the services of those other denominations. He never showed any hesitancy when it came to exposing us to the beliefs and practices of others. He, like my grandmother, believed in learning as much as possible about many things and about many different people from many different backgrounds.

I am sad tonight because I just saw a movie that really hit home. It was a movie based on a book that I heard on the news had been removed from some store shelves. And I read in the papers that some theaters were not wanting to show this movie. I thought to myself, "Why in the world would someone not want us to read this book or see this movie? Especially a book and movie titled 'America' - Imagine a World Without Her" . . . 

Nobody should be able to tell us here in the United States what we can and cannot read. Nobody should be able to keep you, my friends, from seeing a movie or reading any book. I don't care if you are Cajun or not, from Louisiana or not, white, black, red, or yellow . . . you should not be kept from learning about anything you want to learn about. Too many people think that we are not smart enough to think for ourselves or to make the best decisions for our own families. Remember, we are all created equal . . .

As my old Cajun grandmother would quietly explain to us . . . don't ever let someone hold you back by limiting your desire and ability to learn. Many people tried to hold back black citizens, Cajuns, and many other minority groups throughout our history. And it seems like there are still some people trying to hold many of us back, even today. Go see the movie "America" if you want to and don't let anybody tell you that you should not. It's your right to live and to learn in this country. Many folks gave up their lives for you and I to have this freedom and many folks are serving in the military right now to make sure we can keep this and the many other freedoms guaranteed by our country's founding fathers when they wrote the constitution and the bill of rights.

And by the way . . . you don't need to comment on this post. Even after you treat yourself to a night out and go see the movie, there is really no need to comment. Just LIKE and SHARE this post if you see fit to acknowledge your agreement with what I've said. If you absolutely cannot resist commenting, make it respectful and on point. Maybe just one word would be the best way to convey your feelings. I will delete any and all inflammatory or disrespectful comments. We are a close group that appreciates and respects everyone. We are a kind hearted group that will remain standing with open arms and an understanding character. We are going to be smart . . . we are going to keep learning . . . and we are going to honor everything that the American experiment has stood for throughout its relatively short history.

I did tell you recently that The Easy Cajun might just have to get a little more "real" in order to survive and thrive. Life, growing up in bayou country, is not always just a joke or a humorous story. So . . . welcome to a little more of that "reality internet" I promised . . .

The Easy Cajun

Cajuns Know About Freedom

Roger Paul

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